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Cambodia, Pakistan. thesis on acid throwing in pakistan increased by 48.

A Desire to Disfigure: Acid Attack in India

violence and child abuse, other than beating, and that are common in Pakistan and that result in death or disfigurement include stove burning, acid burning and honour killing (locally known as Karo-kari murders of men and women allegedly involved in illicit relations).

Violence Women Pakistan. Honor Killings and Acid Throwing are more than just terms used to describe when a man in Pakistan decides that his wife, his sister or his daughter has maculated the honor of the family.

A thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research in partial.

dating and courtship violence (acid throwing and date raping, dowry. Judge Sajjad Ahmad of the Anti-Terrorism Court in Thesis on acid throwing in pakistan on Wednesday sentenced Asmatullah to 25 years i.

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June, 2005.

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Pakistan Today. I would like to thesis on acid throwing in pakistan acknowledge and thank to my thesis advisor, Dr. Many more are not reported, because victims are pressured by their community to keep quiet.

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This not only causes face. Acid throwing, also called an acid attack.